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boat trip around manhattan

Captain Walter Masterson

The views of the city from the sea that surrounds it are filled with stunning landmarks, architecture, and infrastructure of a variety and scale that defies description. It is an endless and lavish banquet of sensual experiences with a lot of fascinating history, both current and past that I love to weave into tours when appropriate.

private boat ride nyc

First Mate - Reese

“Why do they show their first mate holding a shark?” you may be wondering. It is the only way to convey the experience of being aboard with Reese. Right after she posed for this picture, she carefully removed the hook from the shark’s mouth, gave it a kiss, and put it back in the ocean. She is as connected to the sea as that fish! She also, in her prior “civilian” life managed the customer service operations for a large luxury car dealership, which is to say she is very good at taking care of all who sail with us!