Harbor Tours

You and your party have the entire boat. Choose the time that best suits you: Daytime (warm and light), Sunset (dramatic light and shadows) or Night (brilliant city skyline) - you can see examples of each in the Photo Gallery.

Bring whatever food and refreshments you like (we provide refrigeration, ice and water (if you wish for us to provision food and drink for you- see SpecialTours).

The tour duration is 2 to 4 hours. The cost is $600 for the first 2 hours, and $100 for each additional half hour. We recommend 2 ½ hours - that would include Ellis Island, Statue of Liberty, Red Hook, Brooklyn and Manhattan Bridges and the lower Manhattan and Brooklyn Heights Skyline.

To reserve your tour go to Book Now, and tell us what date and time you want and the duratrion, we will respond with the cost and a payment link, as well as details for boarding the boat. You will receive the confirmation once that is complete.

If you wish to speak with us, go to
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